5 Reasons To Join A Tri Club

Posted on 8th June 2017

In her pursuit to tri greatness, Brighton and Hove Triathlon Event Manager Josie recently joined a tri club. There are many benefits of training with your local tri club, so here are Top 5 reasons to get involved.

1.   Team  Spirit

Whether you’re new to the area or just want to get more involved within the community, joining a tri club is your perfect ‘in’. Not only is there the social aspect of  training with others, but also the option of getting involved in other events like Club Relays, training camps and (occasionally, of course!) alcohol fuelled socials. No longer will you be a Larry-Loner as your local pool, nor will you spend your Saturday mornings racking up the miles on your  two-wheeled steed solo. Instead, you’ll have  a supportive community of like-minded individuals around  you. 

2.   Boost your confidence and maintain motivation

Who enjoys running first thing Sunday morning?  In the  past you may have bailed, but knowing your teammates are waiting for you will make you far more likely to turn up! It’s a strong motivator. A brutal workout is made easier with company and, if you choose to let it,  the competitive element between team mates will make you push harder!

3.   The  Advice

Admit it – we (triathletes) love to show off! Thus, you’re never far from that handful of team mates who love to share their training tips, nutritional strategies and  swim sets. You’d pay good money for this normally so taking advantage of this within the club is wise.  Juggling three sports is difficult, and it’s no surprise that the  best way to improve is to surround yourself with more experienced athletes.

4.   Access to club resources

Being a member of a tri club will often give you exclusive offers at sports shops, discounted entry to local leisure centres and gyms and also discounts into races.

5.   You’ll never be alone on race day

It’s tough turning up to race on your own. Who will cheer you on? Who’s going to look after your kit while you race? Although it’s a massive supportive sport, it can be disheartening tackling an even solo. Being part of a club means you’ll often be racing with, or cheered on by, a band of merry followers. Club members wearing team kit are easier to spot, so you’ll often hear cheers from loyal fans as you pass – what’s not to love about that? You’ll also be able to celebrate your race with your pals.

British Triathlon have a great section on their website of all of the tri clubs near you. Have a look here and get yourself signed up to your local tri club to start reaping the benefits!