Swim Buoy Dry Bag 28L

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• Designed for safety and storage when swimming outdoors.
• High visibility 28 litre bag stores a wide range of products.
• Adjustable waist belt.

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Product Overview |

This brightly coloured inflatable dry bag is ideal for storing your kit whilst you swim and to use as an inflatable buoy for increased visibility in open water. Since its launch in 2015 the product has received a high number of fantastic customers’ reviews and has become very popular among open water swimmers all over the world.

The product has also become popular with Swim-Runners who want to alternate consecutively between open water swimming and running as part of their training.

The Zone3 dry bag features dual air bags, to be inflated once the bag is filled with training gear. The inflation chambers are separate from the storage area, thus providing more buoyancy than just a normal dry bag.

The adjustable dual belt design attaches securely around the swimmer’s waist and the leash ensures that the product remains out of stroke range whilst swimming.

The 28L bag is highly recommended for all open water swimmers who need to carry their kit/valuables when going for a swim, or anyone who wants extra visibility when swimming in the open water.

Key Features |

When the bag is lying flat the internal area of the bag measures 50cm x 35cm and has a 28 litre capacity which leaves plenty of room for dry clothes, towel, flip flops etc.

This style of bag comes in a High Vis Orange and Pink option. There is also the Donut buoy option which allows access to key products during your swim as well as the Hydration buoy designed for a drinks bottle.


• Make sure the bag is fully deflated before use.

• Fill the bag with your desired kit.

• Roll over the top until you reach the ‘Foldable Area’.

• Fold over and clip together the two ends at the top.

• Inflate using the mouth piece on each side.

• Attach the leash to the clip at the top of the bag, threading it through itself.

• Finally, attach the waistband.

For more help on sizing and fitting tips. Please see our sizing page. Or email us on contact@racezone3.com


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