We are proud to be one of the leading triathlon brands in the world, establishing ourselves as one of the most exciting and forward thinking brands on the market. Our approach has always been product-first and this philosophy has helped us achieve the highest industry reviews based on speed, comfort, price point and innovation.

Zone3 Loughborough University

Our first collection launched in 2009 after years of research and development by elite athletes at Loughborough University; one of Europe’s leading sports research facilities.The range has continued to develop and grow, catering for every aspect of the triathletes wardrobe. From wetsuits, and tri apparel, to swimwear and accessories – it’s suited for beginners all the way through to professionals.

The company was built with the athlete in mind right from the very start and the product-first philosophy ensures that the customer is always getting the best performing product whether it’s for training, racing or leisure. We know how important even the smallest of details are and the extremes equipment needs to perform at.

We don’t only use sports technology and lab testing but, more importantly, listen to customers and use their feedback to further improve the range. Every fabric and panel is carefully selected and designed to maximise the customer experience and thanks to this attention to detail, we have become the number one selling brand in the UK and one of the fastest growing in Europe.

HOW the brand WAS STARTED |

The brand was started by former British Pro triathlete James Lock in 2007 to support his triathlon career during this time. James was a national standard swimmer and runner and won the World Aquathlon and World Biathle Championships before starting triathlon at Loughborough University with a sports scholarship. His strength in the water was clear and he would lead a number of the swims from the front even beating Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee out of the water on the odd occasion.

After graduating with a first class engineering degree, James started to race at elite level in triathlon whilst also building on his business ideas. With an in depth knowledge of the triathlon world, James looked to design a range of products that would not only sell and fund the costs of competing internationally, but also products that would increase his performance.

Loughborough University was the perfect place to set out designing world class sports products and a huge amount of testing with elite and amateur athletes was done before the first range was released.

James knew he was on the right track when, in the first year of trading, the Vanquish wetsuit got a 9/10 review in 220 Triathlon magazine. Subsequently, in 2010 the Aspire wetsuit got a 10/10 review; the only wetsuit to ever receive full marks. Since then, we’ve won countless number of awards and made ground-breaking advancement which cements our position at the forefront of product development.

Where did the name come from |

The name ‘Zone3’ came about for a number of different reasons.   We wanted to indicate that our brand incorporated all three sports within Triathlon.   We wanted to show the focus an athlete possesses when they are ‘in the zone’.  Most significantly of all we created our brand name because Zone3 is a terminology used by a wide range of top-level coaches:

“Zone3 is a threshold speed or racing pace where you are going at your fastest speed according to the distance you are travelling.”

Zone3 therefore applies to every race you do.

Zones 1 and 2 are predominately your training paces, but it is in Zone3 when you are in racing mode.  In Zone3 you are powerful, controlled, focused and striving to complete a new challenge; whether this is completing the distance without stopping, making a new Personal Best or beating a fellow competitor.

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Development & Technologies |

We spend a huge amount of time researching cutting edge materials to make sure that our customers are using the highest performance technologies possible. The selection of the material together with the panel design can dramatically improve comfort, speed and durability. We have always continued innovating and looking for ways to go faster in the water and through transition.

Zone3 Development

What the future holds |

The new range is built upon seven years of award winning reviews, elite athlete feedback and 1000’s of customer demo sessions. This feedback combined with the development of cutting edge materials and construction technology has resulted in our best collection yet.

As a brand, we don’t want to stand still though. As we embark on becoming the number one triathlon brand in the world we also want to start to look at new market opportunities which will not only be perfectly suited for our current customer base but will also open up our products to athletes individual swimmers, runners and cyclists.

We are extremely excited about what the next few years can bring and always encourage you to get in touch if you have any feedback on our products or with any ideas for new products that you would like to see developed.

Sponsorship |

We sponsor some of the world’s top triathletes and biggest events, from Pro Ironman Champions Sarah Piampiano and Chris McDonald to the Setup Events series and The Great Floridian. We also have relationships with lots of age-grouper ambassadors and local events.

Being on the ground has always been important to us and events are a great way of enabling people to touch and feel our product, and even try it at some events. Check out where we’ll be on the events section on the ‘Find Us’ page.

If you, your team, company or event are interested in being sponsored by Zone3 then please email us at We are always looking for fantastic brand ambassadors who love the sport as much as we do!

Word on the street |

Zone3 has been an organic growth brand since day one. Every year we pour the profit back into the company to develop our products and invest in more stock to keep up with the demand.

Despite Zone3 being started in a recession, we have experienced year on year growth which has attracted the attention of the media. Articles have been written by newspapers such as the Evening Standard, Telegraph and Independent. However, our real success has come from our product reviews within the triathlon industry media where we have seen a huge amount of success. Check out our REVIEWS page for a look back over these reviews.